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Date: 03/05/2018
Author: NNA
Source: MoPH
Hasbani Launches a Cooperation Programme with Hôtel-Dieu de France in Radiotherapy
NNA- Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Ghassan Hasbani launched a cooperation program with Hôtel-Dieu de France in IMRT at the hospital’s conference room, in the presence of the president of the USJ R.P. Salim Daccache, the Chairman of the Radiotherapy Department Pr. Elie Nasr, the president of Hôtel-Dieu de France R.P. Joseph Nassar and the Head of Private hospitals Owners Syndicate Sleiman Haroun and experts.
Minister Hasbani noted that he has been interested since he took office in reviving the positive relationship between the Ministry and the private societies that all the Lebanese are proud of, such as Hôtel-Dieu de France. He added that he believed in partnership between the state and all the society’s components, in particular the sectors that work for human service and society building.
Hasbani stressed that the state is a public and private sector, a civil community, public and private institutions and people, all living together in solidarity.
The ceremony started with a statement delivered by R.P. Nassar who stressed on the importance of working on strengthening the noble role which consists of dedicating oneself to the service of patients, updating the hospitalization programs and following up the international innovations in this sector.
R.P. Nassar stated that the launching of the cooperation program with the Ministry of Public Health in the field of radiotherapy with modern technologies leaves a great impact on the hospital’s administration, since the spirit of partnership will enable the hospital to achieve its goals and help every patient in critical condition and in hard economic situation that cannot be faced without collaboration and partnership.
Pr. Nasr noted that the IMRT is an advanced type of radiation therapy that enables the doctor to deliver precise radiation doses to a tumor, while decreasing the radiation doses received by healthy tissues and organs as much as possible. Moreover, long medical studies have proved the efficiency of IMRT in treating many types of cancers; prostate, head and neck, nervous system, and other cases in different organs.
Pr. Daccahe

“This pilot cooperation program with Hôtel-Dieu de France will enable more than one hundred patients with cancers to benefit from the radiation treatment with the most recent machines used by the finest doctors and technicians at the hospital.  This treatment will also be provided to patients with low income, in order to increase the number of beneficiaries,” Daccache said.
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