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Date: 08/08/2017
Author: NNA
Source: MOPH
Hasbani Visits Audi: To Upgrade State Educational Institutions
NNA –The Metropolitan of Beirut for Greek Orthodox Elias Audi received Deputy Prime Minister Health Minister Ghassan Hasbani who stated after the visit: “My visit to his eminence was friendly and paternal. We discussed many current affairs, especially the major cases in the country related to the affairs of people and the priorities of the society and economy. We also tackled the importance of the institutions that add to this country a cultural, scientific and educational value. We approached as well other files relevant to the Orthodox Community in general and the country in particular. The focus of the meeting was on the importance of the educational institutions in the development of the country and its culture, in addition to its importance being located on all the Lebanese territory to serve all the Lebanese, strengthen their culture, knowledge and education. This is fundamental for the continuity of the societies, in particular our society that needs development after all the difficult circumstances it endured from disintegration to intellectual decline due to the existing conflicts.”
He added: “After all what we are witnessing today in our Arab society, it became necessary to intensify our work in the educational institutions and state Institutions to upgrade institutions and refer to them, as they guarantee the continuity of the nation and the society in a positive way. We support the institutions and refuse to address major cases without referring to them, in addition to the institutions that contribute in the development of the society.”

He concluded saying: “We tackled also the subject of appointments now on the table and the importance of maintaining the distribution and balance of the Lebanese society’s components, and the position of the orthodox community, stressing on the competencies of the orthodox community and others. These appointments are important, especially in the light of what is happening today in more than one establishment. There were vacancies, and a long period of time has passed without appointments. Hence, the importance of these appointments in the revival of the institutional works in the state. These appointments should represent all the components of the Lebanese society in a fair a clear way in order to contribute in the promotion of partnership and participate in building the nation and restructure the state.” 
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