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Local Manufacturing Industries

The Syndicate of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Lebanon was founded in 2016. It comprises all the pharmaceutical manufacturers granted an authorization for exploitation of pharmaceutical plant according to the international good manufacturing practices by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health.

Its purposes:
  • Protection, promotion and enhancement of the profession, safeguarding of its interests, representation of the pharmaceutical manufacturing business before all public authorities and contribution to its advancement at all legal, regulatory, economic, industrial, commercial and social levels.
  • To help build a relation of collaboration and of cooperation between the Syndicate and any other authority dealing with pharmaceutical business.
  • To launch and sponsor awareness-raising and advertising campaigns to promote the pharmaceutical manufacturing in Lebanon and abroad.
Serum and Solutions S.AL is a producer of Large Volume Parenterals  (LVP)solutions ,meeting the following quality requirements :
  • U.S Pharmacopoeia
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (“GMP”)
  • ISO 9001-2015 standards.
  • ISO 14000- 2015 Standards
Located in Lebanon ,Baalbek , Sarhine , Dr Mohamad Abdallah street - P.O box # 3 .On a clean spot  of 30,000 square meters away enough  from any eventual pollution. The plant is also designed as a green plant reliable on a solar energy in order to promote a sustainable development.
The fundamental purpose and corporate culture of S&S is to provide our healthcare customers with the safest and most efficient large volume parenteral .
S&S management strategy will be articulated around 5 main objectives:
- patient safety & loyalty
- security of men and property
- implementation of a lean strategy leading to efficiency
- compliance with stringent conditions of internal hygiene
- a sincere deployment of a corporate social responsibility policy.
Established in 1973 under the technical collaboration from cutter laboratories Inc. U.S to manufacture intra venous solutions.

From automatic liquid packaging machines then, to state of the art printing and filling machines provided from Baxter labs.

Presently employing over 170 people and with an installed capacity to produce 50.000 I.V bags daily.

Alfa is today the largest Lebanese I.V solutions manufacturer, hemodialysis solutions producer, premix hemodialysis powders and sodium bicarbonate cartridges.

Medical devices are produced in a class C clean room built by Plasteurope France.

Alfa has diversified to fill glass ampoules, oral rehydration solutions, nasal sprays and disinfectants.

Currently exporting to some Middle Eastern and African countries.

cGMP norms are being finalized and by the first quarter of 2016 we should be fully compliant with all the Lebanese M.O.P.H norms.

Algorithm, pharmaceutical manufacturers based in Lebanon, is the trusted regional partner to medical and patient communities and is committed to delivering quality care in pharmaceutical therapies. It operates in The Middle East and North Africa regions with a product portfolio consisting of innovative products under license from international companies, as well as differentiated generics, focusing mainly on the following therapeutic areas: cardiology, endocrinology, neurology, gynecology and urology.

Our ultimate aim is the human well-being by providing quality products to the health care professionals, developed by a dedicated and committed team of highly skilled personnel.

Algorithm has built its legacy and reputation around a few core values; those same values will drive the Company to shape its future.

Trust and Respect, Ethics and Integrity, Responsibility and Accountability, Quality and Excellence are the core values that will guide us in all that we do; they serve as the foundation in our efforts to carry out the vision of the Company and are to be applied through codes of conduct with each of our key stakeholders.

Founded in 2009, Arwan Pharmaceutical Industries Lebanon s.a.l. is a joint stock company owned by a group of Lebanese and non Lebanese highly committed professionals. The company commenced operations in 2013 with its first sterile injectables manufacturing unit, comprising Phase I of the project with other phases to come in the near future.

Arwan develops, manufactures and markets critical care products, focusing on new generation anti-infectives, hematinics, anesthetics and analgesics, gastrointestinals, oncology, antiasthmatics, cardiovasculars, osteoporosis and wound management modalities.

Privileged by its presence in Lebanon, the heart of the MENA and the hub of expert healthcare professionals and high-reputation hospitals and medical centers, Arwan paved its way towards leadership in providing high-end critical care products not only in Lebanon, but also in neighboring countries where fast-track trust is influenced by the local professional experience.

Arwan markets extend beyond Lebanon to cover the 20 countries of MENA as well as Africa where the large Lebanese Diaspora acts as a liaison in establishing businesses and forging partnership.

Committed to quality in providing cost-effective critical care products, Arwan will always Assure Reliability When Absolutely Needed, whether by patients or healthcare institutions.

Benta Pharma Industries – BPI is a leader in the pharmaceutical industry committed to manufacturing high quality pharmaceutical products as well as medical devices, thus improving human health and well being.
BPI has become a front runner in manufacturing enhanced formulations for the treatment of a wide range of central nervous system and cardiovascular diseases, dyslipidemia, diabetes, urology, dermatology, anesthesia, transplant, infection, and hematology. BPI also produces oncology, biotech and sterile products.
BPI manufactures high-quality sterile medical devices designed for a wide range of hospital uses such as anesthesia, urology, surgery, cardiovascular and IV administration.
BPI has earned a number of International, regional, and local certificates. The most important of these are the European Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and ISO 9001: 2008. Our medical devices also meet the highest standards of the European Union and have acquired the CE marking.
BPI has also signed in license and out license agreements with notable multinational companies such as CSL Behring, Mylan, Sanofi, Zentiva and Actavis.
BPI is expanding strategically, with already a diversified presence including industrial operations and scientific offices in over 30 countries like the Gulf, Egypt, Iraq, France, Russia and Africa.

CHAPHA s.a.l is a privately-held pharmaceutical factory established in 1964 by the Chalhoub family. It is one of the first private pharmaceutical manufacturers in Lebanon and is dedicated to the development of new formulations of pharmaceutical products as well as the manufacturing of products under license.

CHAPHA is a member of several professional associations including:
  • Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut
  • Association ofLebanese Industrialists
  • Lebanese Dutch Business Association
  • American Lebanese Chamber ofCommerce
  • Swiss Business Council ofLebanon
  • Austrian Business Council of Lebanon
CHAPHA is part of a group of companiesthat ensurestheimport, promotion and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

The organization is a pioneer in its field and has a proven track record.Past successful handling of challenges during the group’s 77 years of existence has resulted in the organization’s current strengths.

Our mission is to provide competitively-priced, high quality products to ultimately improve the quality of life and to maintain the highest standards possible in our business relations, stressing on trust and consistency.
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Dynamic and growing , Mediphar Laboratories is a pharmaceutical company involved in developing, manufacturing and marketing of generic and branded products in Lebanon and other regional markets.

Established in 1973 by Mr. Habib Edmond Fadel, the founder made commitments to himself and to the society to develop pharmaceutical products of highest possible quality with a motivated and qualified team conscious of their mission with respect to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

We maintain a diverse product portfolio which covers major therapeutic areas including Alimentary Tract & Metabolism, Cardiovascular System, Dermatological, Genito-Urinary System & Sex Hormones, Systemic Hormonal Preparations, General Anti-Infectives, Musculo-Skeletal System, Central Nervous System and Respiratory System, Vitamins & supplements.

Mediphar Laboratories continues its development of strategies to maintain its preeminent position of excellence and to continue to deliver the finest affordable products, both multi-source and branded, to healthcare professionals.

The company is actively researching new delivery systems, undertaking the licensing of products from worldwide pharmaceutical manufacturers and openly sharing its research & development resources in strategic alliances with other companies.

Our Mission is to always deliver a wide range of high quality drugs that meet international standards, patients’ needs and healthcare professionals’ expectations.

Our Vision is to be a leading pharmaceutical company by discovering and developing innovative, value-added medicines that improve the quality of life for patients.

Mediphar stands for quality, trust and reliability.
MEPHICO  S.A.L. - Middle East Pharmaceutical & Industrial Company - the first national pharmaceutical manufacturing company was established in 1956 by a group of prominent pharmacists and located in Beirut.

In 1962 it moved to Jamhour area to its newly built high production capacity plant.

In 1965, in addition to its line of products, MEPHICO started manufacturing under licence pharmaceutical products for leading pharmaceutical companies.
Presently MEPHICO S.A.L. is firmly established as one of the leading Lebanese pharmaceutical firms with a reputation of distinction in quality and reliability of its products.

Needless to mention that our main objective is to ensure the best pharmaceutical product to the largest number of patients and to develop new products that will help maintain the health care process at its highest level of excellence.
Pharma M is a Lebanese pharmaceutical manufacturing company working under GMP. Pharma M is one of the few companies in the Middle East specializing in the production of dietary supplements. All the products are made using the best sources of raw material and the most studied ingredients. Pharma M products are unique in their formulations which are based on the latest studies, and have the most effective compositions on the market.
Founded in 1970, PHARMADEX s.a.l. is one of Lebanon's leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical products with a management systems registered to ISO 9001:2008.

The plant is engaged in the production of a wide variety of pharmaceutical products such as tablets, capsules, solutions and suspensions, creams, ointments, suppositories, etc. according to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) rules.

Our aim is to produce high quality medicines that meet the international standards.
At Pharmaline, our highly skilled talent is committed to increasing access to healthcare by providing quality medicines & excellence in service. Since our establishment in 1987, we have produced medicines that are in line with current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP). Our manufacturing plant built according to EU norms and holding ISO 1400:2004 is among the most reputable in the region, allowing us to be the trusted licensee for several of the world’s most established multinationals such as Abbott, Delorbis, GSK, Merck Serono, Novartis, Phadisco, Pierre Fabre, Sandoz, and Tripharma, covering Lebanon and the region. Pharmaline is present in the Levant, GCC Arabian Gulf, Africa, and Europe. Locally, we are expanding our manufacturing capabilities to constantly supply a growing market. On a regional level, Pharmaline continues to extend its pharmaceutical footprint, which is to include a new manufacturing facility in King Abdallah Economic City in Saudi Arabia. For more information, you can visit our website

Since the early 70s, and with the technical assistance of Laboratoires Aguettant, Serum Products has been manufacturing and marketing small and large parenteral solutions and irrigation solutions for hospital use. The Company has a strong presence in the Lebanese healthcare market and the Levant region.

Serum products facilities are equipped with modernized and automated machinery complying with the latest international pharmaceutical industry requirements. We are highly sensitive to quality and strictly adhere to GMP principles.

Serum Products has put in place a solid quality assurance system in compliance with GMP requirements and ISO 9001: 2008 standards to ensure consistency of the product quality and patient safety.

Serum Products system is continuously monitored and controlled by highly qualified and trained personnel throughout the whole product lifecycle from selection and reception of raw materials to manufacturing and distribution of our products. All our processes are validated and our equipment is qualified to ensure safe and reliable products.

Our quality control laboratories are supplied with the latest sophisticated instruments to perform stringent quality control analysis complying with international standards and to guarantee the quality of our products as per the latest requirements of US pharmacopeia.

We are always aiming for the continual improvement of our activity and the permanentsatisfaction of our customers.
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