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Date: 16/06/2017
Author: Minister Office
Source: MOPH
Cornerstone Laid for the extension of Dar Al-Shifa Hospital in Abi Samra
Deputy Prime Minister Health Minister Ghassan Hasbani assured during the ceremony of the laying of the foundation stone for the expansion of Dar Al- Shifa Hospital in Abi Samra of the “Islamic Medical Association” that every time he visits Tripoli, he feels that he’s seeing Lebanon in a small geographic area. The capital of North is a model for Lebanon, for collaboration, combination and interdependence, a model for the suffering of all Lebanese people and also a model for the success of Lebanon thanks for your success as individuals, groups and brothers.
The ceremony was attended by the representative of Mr. Najib Mikati Dr. Saadallah Sabouni, the representative of Deputy Mohamad Safadi Dr. Mustafa El Helwi, the representative of former Minister Ashraf Riffi Mohamed kamal Ziadeh, former Deputy Dr. Azam Dandachi, the Islamic Supreme Council member Sheikh Amir Raad representing the Grand Mufti of Lebanon Sheikh Abdul Latif Deryan, Major Ali Ayyoubi representing Manager General of General Security Abbas Ibrahim, Major Mohamed Khaled representing the Head of North Lebanon Intelligence branch  Brigadier General Karam Mrad, President of North Lebanon Order of Physicians  Dr. Omar Ayyach, Head of the Order of Engineers and Architects in North Lebanon Bassam Ziadeh, Former Head of the Order Marios Beaineh, President of the Syndicate of Hospital Owners Sleiman Haroun, general Coordinator of the Future current in Tripoli Naser Adra, the Secretary General of the Islamic Group Azam Ayoubi, The Political responsible for North Lebanon Islamic Group Ihab Nafea, the counselor to the head of “Lebanese forces” Elie khoury, Abdallah El Ali representing the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Lebanon, President of the governmental hospital Dr. Fawaz Hallab, Head of the Islamic medical Association Mahmoud Assayed, Head of the Board of Directors of Dar Al- Shifa Hospital Dr. Rami Dergham, Director General of  Dar Al- Shifa Hospital Ahmad Khaled, Head of Health Governorate Dr. Jamal Abdo and a crowd of dignitaries and doctors.
Health Minister said: “I am pleased today to share you this happy occasion, the occasion of the laying of the foundation stone for the expansion of this holy hospitalization edifice, given his symbol and role in hospitalization in Lebanon. Therefore, I tell you that every time we lay a foundation stone for the establishment or expansion of a hospitalization building we are putting a cornerstone in the building of the country because hospitalization is the basis for the society, the basis for the social stability that make us a healthy society where each citizen is healthy and a producer able to learn, work and build a country with his brain. Congratulations for this expansion, and I wish you lasting reconciliation and success. You will get the support of the Ministry, not only through the Minister, but also through every person working for it after what you have achieved.”
The ceremony started with the laying of the foundation stone for the hospital expansion. The Head of the Board of directors Dr. Dergham then delivered a welcome address in which he welcomed Minister Hasbani and the attended people as he said: “We are living in a time when people are struggling; some of them are competing and fighting over Good and others are competing and fighting over something else. We are among those who want to fight over doing Good. We are laying the Foundation stone for a hospitalization facility that will provide employment opportunity, fight unemployment and poverty, develop societies and provide opportunities for hospitalization and treatment. This is the effort we are making and this is the nature of our work. But we look forward to our integration with state and sponsoring institutions, in particular with Ministry of Public Health through our integration so that we have a better chance and you contribute as well in the provision of health services to the citizens. Minister, we are in a hospital that includes more than one hundred fifty beds that cover more than or all hospitalization facilities from surgeries to specialized operations.”
Minister Hasbani and the attendees then visited the divisions of the hospital where the President of the Hospital offered Hasbani a memorial shield after watching a documentary on the rescue and aid operations the emergency teams are doing in the Islamic Medical Association and checked the medical center, and related equipment and mechanisms.
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