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Date: 25/03/2020
Author: MoPH
Source: MoPH
Daily Report on Covid-19 of 25/3/2020
Since 21 February to 25 March 2020, the total number of positive COVID-19 cases at Rafik Hariri University Hospital, the laboratories of the university hospitals accredited by the Ministry and the private laboratories has reached 333; (An additional 29 cases were confirmed since yesterday).

The Ministry of Public Health is following up on all the cases that were diagnosed at laboratories that are not accredited, the total of which now reaching 50 cases in order to confirm the same.  Some of these cases were retested in private laboratories and were found negative.

The Ministry is taking the fullest measure of vigilance in dealing with this disease, while urging all the patients tested positive in the private laboratories not accredited by the ministry, to strictly remain under home quarantine, pending confirmation of their tests.

The Ministry of Public Health urges all the citizens to comply with the preventive measures, in particular home-quarantine that has become an individual and social responsibility that every citizen should assume. Any person failing to fully comply with these measures will be legally prosecuted.
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