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Date: 08/02/2020
Author: Minister Office
Source: MoPH
Statement Issued by the Ministry of Public Health on the Measures Followed with Regard to the People Coming from China
The Ministry of Public Health issued the following statement on the measures taken with the travelers coming from China:

Upon recommendation of the World health Organization, the Ministry of Public Health is implementing the following measures with the travelers coming from China through the airport:
  1. Thermal screening through devices put in place at the airport to this end.
  2. When the traveler is exposing fever, he is transferred to the quarantine office where test is carried out on him.
  3. An information form is filled by travelers coming from all the Chinese regions who are on board, so as to follow up on them over the phone for two weeks (the incubation period of the virus) to make sure they do not show any symptoms.
  4. The form should be submitted to the plane crew before taking off. In case the form remained with the traveler for any reason whatsoever, it should be handed out to the quarantine office of the Ministry of Public Health at the airport when leaving the plane.
  5. In the event that a traveler coming China shows any symptoms within 14 days, he will be transferred to Rafik Hariri University Hospital for assessment and quarantined there if need be.
  6. The persons coming from the places where the coronavirus originated (Wuhan and some surrounding areas) will be quarantined at Rafik Hariri University Hospital (like what happened with one traveler so far).
  7. The persons coming from all the other areas in China are required to self-quarantined, and avoid contact with people for 14 days as of the day they leave China. They are also advised to call the Ministry of Public Health for any inquiry.
  8. The lab test for coronavirus, which is now available free of charge at Rafik Hariri University Hospital is conducted according to scientific and medical data determined by the Ministry of Public Health.
  9. The measures taken by the Ministry of Public Health are applied according to the recommendation of the World health Organization.
  10. The citizens are called on to collaborate in the implementation of the scientific and health measures required for the infection prevention.
  11. The Ministry of Public Health calls upon the citizens to act responsibly and not to spread rumors or baseless information.
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