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Date: 14/07/2017
Author: NNA
Source: MOPH
Hasbani Started his Tour in Beqaa with a Visit to Al-Azhar: I will Listen to the Concerns of People and Institutions on the Ground
NNA- Deputy Prime Minister Health Minister Ghassan Hasbani started his tour in the West Beqaa, where he visited in his first stop Al-Azhar in Beqaa. Hasbani was received there by Minister of Communications Jamal Jarrah, the “Future” Bloc Member Deputy Amin Wehbeh, Al Mufti Khalil Al Mays, Public Relations Officer in Dar Al-Fatwa Kamal Abou Ali, in addition to owners and directors of hospitals in Central Beqaa.

Al Mufti Al-Mays welcomed Minister Hasbani saying: “Welcome to Azhar, Beqaa. Thank you for listening to the concerns of people.”


Jarrah described this visit as “positive” as he considered it as a “continuation to the work undertaken by Deputy Prime Minister Ghassan Hasbani and Prime Minister Saad Hariri: meetings for regions and preparation for the sessions of the council of Ministers in the West Beqaa and other regions.”


Minister Hasbani thanked the attendees for their warm welcome as he said: “It is an honor for me to pay this visit to the west Beqaa, this region that symbolizes the Lebanese coexistence, the history of Lebanon and the history of the Lebanese citizen…”

He added: “The purpose of these visits and tours is to listen to the concerns of people and institutions on the ground and see how the integration between the State and the Citizen could be achieved…”

He noted that: “When the official listens to the citizen and when the citizen communicates with the official with transparency, they share obligations… This is how we achieve integration to build a state, and the state in which we believe is a state built on institutions within institutions…”.

He added: “the meetings we held with representatives of all municipalities at the directions of Prime Minister, knowing that their number amounts to more than 1100, helped us to gather all the requirements of the country. This will enable us to document all the requirements and turn them into projects that we can manage and finance in a suitable way, and this is the first time we get an accurate overview on the priorities of the country.”
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