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List of Registered Implantable Medical Devices at MOPH

The Ministry of Health (MoPH), in cooperation with the “Agence Française de sécurité du médicament et des produits de santé (Ansm)” is implementing aregulatory system for the importation and use of medical devices; this project is conducted in a context where the health authorities give priority to the optimum use of resources, market assessment and the exercise of a post-marketing surveillance that will respond to any sanitary measures according to the latest international guidelines.

Based on the Decision No.455/1 Dated 16/04/2013, rules and procedures have been established for:
  • The import of medical devices in Lebanon including the qualification of suppliers.
  • The registration of medical devices in the MoPH.
  • The post-market surveillance of medical devices placed on the market.
The procedure sets the requirements and conditions for the import and registration of medical devices as well as the qualifications of suppliers.

In summary,

A medical device supplier must declare beforehand to the Ministry of Public Health.

Before its first commissioning, all implantable medical devices must be registered on the National List of Implantable Medical Devices to MoPH using a harmonized coding systemat national level.

Suppliers and users (public and private hospitals) must keep records to monitor post-marketing and traceability of medical devices placed on the market.
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