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Date: 04/05/2018
Author: NNA
Source: MoPH
Hasbani Sponsors a Conference on Skin Diseases and Emphasizes the Need to Maintain Ethics
NNA- The Lebanese society for dermatology opened its thirteenth conference for skin diseases with a forum entitled “the role and risks of media in medicine” at Phoenicia hotel under the patronage and in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Ghassan Hasbani.
The president of the Lebanese society for dermatology Dr. Dani Toumi welcomed the attendees in the name of the administrative body. “Our conference this year tackles important subjects on skin diseases and cancers and the repercussions of the environmental pollution, with a focus on skin operations; filling, laser, and surgeries that help the skin regain its health and beauty, all of these being the fruit of dermatologists’ researches.”
“During the past years, we have exerted many efforts to regulate the aesthetic work in Lebanon at the levels of the syndicate and the Ministry of Public Health. We have also issued a law that regulates the work of aesthetic centers and limits these centers to specialists, i.e. dermatologists and plastic surgeons, and forbids uncontrolled ads. Hence, the importance of this seminar in controlling media to preserve the safety of people and medicine in Lebanon,” he added.

In a statement, Hasbani noted that in this sector, there is an important economic part; however the most important thing is the medical and humane part. Regardless of its economic dimension, the protection of the citizen, the patient or the consumer remains the main purpose, and when it comes to human health in general, we have to assume our ethical responsibility towards patients as professionals.
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