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Call for Hospital Accreditation Surveyors

The Lebanese Ministry of Public Health is looking to select national surveyors for hospital accreditation surveys of public and private healthcare organizations as per the following tasks:
  • Preparation of on-site survey based on the organization’s self-assessment report
  • On-site Survey
    • Validation of the self-assessment report through on site assessments using advanced survey methodologies
    • Compliance of the hospital to the accreditation standards
  • Provide constructive feedback to the hospitals on improvement
  • Provide visit report containing proposals for accreditation decisions 
Application procedure

Interested / eligible candidates should submit a completed application file (French or English) to by November 20th.
Only applications that are submitted to this email will be reviewed.
  • An application file must include the following:
    • professional background
    • professional career for the last 5 years
    • demonstrated involvement in quality management and risk management
  • A detailed cover letter,
  • A complete CV,
  • A complete list of titles and achievements carried out in the field of quality management,
  • Two recommendation letters from recognized people in the health system  / employers 
Interviews will only be conducted for preselected candidates, during the week of December 11th.
Profile of Surveyors
Surveyors will be recruited from multidisciplinary healthcare professional backgrounds:
  • Managers (head of organization, executive officer, etc.)
  • Medical Doctors and Nurses
  • Paramedical staff (care staff, medical and technical staff, etc.)
  • Other professionals (quality officers, engineers, pharmacists, etc.) 
Required Competencies and Skills
Surveyors must meet the following criteria:
  • Currently working or have worked in a hospital for 5 years, among which 2 years during the last 5 years.
  • Advanced and hands on Knowledge and experience in accreditation and quality
  • Holding an advanced education degree in healthcare field
  • Involvement in cross-cutting responsibilities related to hospitals’ functioning
  • Flexibility to  commute in different regions in Lebanon
  • High sense of responsibility,  impartiality and ethics
  • Strong sense of listening and ability to communicate effectively
  • Not working (or have worked) for any consultancy firms, particularly the ones that provides education, accreditation  and consultancy services  for hospitals in the field of quality and safety
  • Proficiency in languages ​​(English, French and Arabic)
  • Good writing skills 
Responsibilities and Commitment
  • Enroll in a training program (around 8 days); theoretical sessions during 5 days and on-site survey during 3 days, organized during the first quarter of 2018. The fees of the training should be covered by the participants.
  • Pass the exam at the end of the training
  • Comply with the accreditation procedure
  • Be available for a (maximum) of 3 audits per year (between 9 to 15 days per year)
  • Act ethically
  • Abide by the surveyor’s code of conduct:
    • Ability to listen to others
    • Avoid conflict of interest
    • Act professionally
    • Respect confidentiality
    • Develop the necessary skills related to the missions 

At the end of the mission, the surveyor will receive a daily allowance. The details will be shared during the interviews.
N.B: The deadline is on November 20, 2017
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