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Date: 25/01/2020
Author: Minister's Office
Source: MoPH
Minister Hassan was Briefed on Precautions to Prevent Corona Transmission at Rafic Hariri International Airport
The Minister of Public Health Dr. Hamad Hasan visited Rafic Hariri International Airport where he met the quarantine personnel and was briefed on the measures taken to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus. Dr. Hasan was received by the vice president of the airport Youssef Tannous.

“The precaution measures aim to prevent any infected traveller from entering the country without receiving the necessary treatment,” Hasan noted during his visit. He added that there are three preventive logistic steps that prevent any suspected case to enter Lebanon.

“The situation is under control and there is no need to panic and search for tragedies and crises,” Hasan stated.

When asked whether Lebanon is ready to provide any infected person with the necessary treatment, Hasan said that there is no case of infection in Lebanon by far. In the event of any confirmed case, the infected person will be quarantined at Rafik Hariri University Hospital and receive the necessary treatment.

Hasan also assured that the majority of influenza cases are of type B, which is the type that spreads yearly in Lebanon, without causing any major problems. As for the severe type of influenza, the laboratory at Rafik Hariri University Hospital is ready to determine it and the treatment is available at the Ministry of Public Health.
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