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Date: 18/04/2020
Author: NNA
Source: NNA
Hasan From Zahleh: The Results Today Are Good And We Are Working According to the Plan Put In Place

During the inauguration of a laboratory for coronavirus testing, offered by MP Michel Daher and a coronavirus department that was equipped by the administration of Elias Hrawi Governmental hospital in Zahleh and a group of donors, Minister Hasan stated that the results were good today, with only 5 tests that returned positive out of the 1050 tests that were performed. “We are proceeding according to the plan that was put in place. We shouldn’t be overoptimistic, and we are committed to home-quarantine and the general mobilization measures,” Hasan added.

“Today we are facing a pandemic and a serious nationwide problem. The results are good and we are working according to the plan. We know how serious the current situation is, but many countries that complied with the general mobilization, then moved to the rapid easing of the lockdown measures had to start everything from scratch, and we don’t want to waste all our efforts after the strict measures we have taken.”

Hasan detailed three key points in the ministry’s work:
First- Increasing the number of tests as from next week to reach 1500 daily tests to be performed at random.
Second- The equitable distribution of the medical supplies gifted to Lebanon, which are already published on the site of the ministry.
Third- the next stage will impose strict measures to help overcome the tragic situation.

Minister Hasan confirmed that prime minister has signed a decree to pay the dues to the private hospitals despite the shortage of funds.
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