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Date: 19/02/2019
Author: NNA
Source: MoPH
The Health Committee Transferred Patients from Al-Fanar Hospital to Imam Al-Kazem Center and Jwayya Hospital
37 patients from Al-Fanar Hospital located in Msaileh were transferred by the Islamic health Committee to Al Imam Al-Kazim Center of Emadad Committee for elderly in Al-Hosh, East Tyre, in implementation of the decision of the Minister of Public Health Dr. Jamil Jabak.
The institution to which the patients were transferred was arranged to provide the necessary social and health assistance for them. A ceremony was organized and was attended by the representative of the Minister of Public Health and his media consultant Dr. Mohamad Ayad, the Director General of Emdad Charity Association Mohamad Berjawi, the Director of Al Imam Al-Kazim Center Mustapha Hamdan and a number of chairpersons of municipality boards and mayors.
“The Ministry and the parents are both responsible for they remained silent to what was happening at the psychiatric hospital. Emdad Association has been established 32 years ago for the service of the citizens… We have to combine our efforts for the service of humanity and leave the responsibility to the Ministries of Social Affairs and Public Health,” noted Berjawi.

“What we saw today cannot be described. We have inspected the hospital based on reports and pictures. And after touring its facilities, a decision was taken to rehabilitate the center.”
“The Ministry and the citizen have obligations in this regard. The Ministry should intensify the supervision and the persons concerned will be heard.”
Jwaya Hospital

16 patients from al-Fanar hospital were transferred to Jwaya Hospital of the Islamic health Committee where they were received with flowers and sweets.
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