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Hospital-based Cause Of Death Notification System

A National Hospital Based Mortality Notification system (HMS) was established at the beginning of 2017 in collaboration with the World Health Organization and in cooperation with the Syndicate of hospitals as an expansion of the maternal and neonatal death reporting system established in 2011. The system consists of anonymous online reporting of deaths based on an excerpt of the official death certificate form. Focal points were assigned and trained in more than 150 public and private hospitals operating in Lebanon. After reporting the information, quality checks are initiated through constant communication between the statistics department and the hospitals’ focal points. After that, the underlying cause of death is selected from the reported causes of the death.


Reported hospital deaths by top ICD10 chapters, 2017  


Top 10 cancers by ICD10 3-character code, 2017​

Plot of the number of the reported deaths by size and type of hospital, 2017


Five leading cancer deaths by gender, 2017

Top 10 leading causes of reported hospital deaths by ICD10 4-character code and gender, 2017


Proportion of reported hospital deaths by age group and gender in Lebanon, 2017 

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