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Date: 16/01/2018
Author: Minister Office
Source: MoPH
Hasbani during the Inauguration of a Center for the National Organization for Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation
Under the patronage and in the presence of Deputy Prime Minster Health Minister Ghassan Hasbani, the National Organization for Organ & Tissue Transplantation opened its center in the previous headquarters of the Lebanese order of physicians in Baabda, in the presence of the president of the Parliamentary Commission on Health Deputy Dr. Atef Majdalani, Deputy Dr. Salim Salhab, the former Minister Dr. Mohamed Jawad Khalifeh, the former deputy Nazem Khoury, the President of the Order of Physicians in Beirut professor Raymond Sayegh and members of the order council, the President of Tripoli and North Lebanon Order of Physicians Omar Ayyach, the President of the order of nurses in Lebanon Nahed Yazbeck Doumit, Director General of the Ministry of Public Health Dr. Walid Ammar and a number of stakeholders.
The media figure Maguy Aoun outlined the activities conducted by the Organization, which played a major role in disseminating the culture of organ donation and transplantation in Lebanon.
The Vice-President of the Organization Dr. Antoine Estephan referred to the fundamental achievements of the organization that was formed according to a ministerial decision.
“Organ donation is a real miracle in which science has succeeded in achieving a new victory in the continuous battle of pain in human Life,” said professor Sayegh in a statement.
Hasbani announced that he had decided to assist the organization in all the possible means to help it achieve its main goal; self-sustainment, and that through the following steps:
First: provide it with the assessed financial contributions as soon as possible.
Second: upgrade the standards and controls of the Ethics Committee that were established in collaboration with the National Organization.
Third: amend the current laws so as to keep up with the activities of the organization and the development of the human organ and tissue donation and include organ donation in the strategic plan of the Ministry of Public Health.
“I promise to appoint the suitable persons to work with the organization on the study of:
The adjustment of the cost of organ transplantations to enable all the patients to access to treatment, in particular in their country
The adjustment of the cost of reanimation for brain-dead patients and that of the removal of organs and the way the hospitalization bill is paid.”
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