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Date: 12/07/2017
Author: Minister Office
Source: m
The Launch of Michael Haddad's Expedition to the North Pole to Raise Awareness about Climate Issues
Under the patronage of Prime Minister Saad El Hariri and his attendees, the expedition of Michael Haddad to the North pole was launched at the Serail under the title: “An expedition to the North Pole, A Journey for Humanity” in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Health Minister Ghassan Hasbani, Minister of Communication Jamal Jarrah, Minister of Tourism Avedis Guidanian, Deputies Ghassan Moukhayber and Simon Abi Ramia and the UN resident representative Philipe Lazzarini, LAU President Dr. Jospeh Jabra, The Pappal Ambassador to Lebanon Gabriel Katcha, Senior Pastor of the National Evangelical Church of Beirut Dr. Habib Bader, Head of Primary Healthcare Department at the Ministry of Public Health Dr. Randa Hamadeh, and a number of social, cultural and sport figures and persons close to Haddad and all those working with him to achieve the project of his expedition to the North Pole, as he will cross one hundred kilometers in the North Pole to raise awareness on climate issues and their catastrophic repercussions.

Michael Haddad

Michael Haddad thanked all those who have provided support to his expedition to the North Pole. He noted that it took him two years to take the decision to trek one hundred kilometers in the North Pole. We have decided to walk in this difficult place in the world, on ice and water to raise awareness on climate change and to say to the world that with faith and determination, humanity can prevail and survive the repercussions of climate change. He said that his expedition is a teamwork within a scientific team under the umbrella of The Lebanese American University to provide training, physical treatment and medicine in the context of neuroscience to say to the world that the strength of brain and mind makes all things possible.


Deputy Prime Minister Health Minister Ghassan Hasbani addressed the attendees noting that the project is under the patronage of the youthful Premier Saad El Hariri who has always supported the Lebanese youth and their dreams not only in Lebanon but also at the International level. He also said that Michael Haddad made achievements on the national territory, and his expedition to the North Pole sends a two-dimensional message: the first one is to challenge his health condition to dedicate the fact that determination is a tireless weapon, and the second one is the awareness on the environmental risk and its climate repercussions that will alter the face of the Earth and threaten its future if its temperature continues to rise.


The launch was concluded with a statement by Saad El Hariri: “Michael, you are a unique person… I didn’t know a lot about you. But after I heard you speaking today and standing here, you inspired me given all the challenges I am facing and that I consider difficult. You made these challenges seem easy to me and I would like to thank you.”
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