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Date: 04/03/2020
Author: Minister's Office
Source: MoPH
Statement Issued on March 4, 2020 Regarding nCoV-19 Laboratory Tests Done In Private Laboratories
Considering the sensitivity of the COVID-19 lab test, and to avoid confusion arising from inaccurate test results, and after the Ministry of Public Health found out that some laboratories are performing the COVID-19 tests for commercial purposes, the Ministry would like to clarify the following:
First - The only accredited testing laboratory for Coronavirus is that of Rafik Hariri University Hospital. It is performed for free on patients who meet the definition of suspect case.
Second - Any result of the tests performed at these laboratories is not recognized by the Ministry of Public Health.
Third – the Ministry of Public is studying the possibility of performing the lab test exclusively at University Hospitals, when need be.
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