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Date: 26/01/2018
Author: MoPH
Source: MoPH
Meeting to Discuss the Principles of Governance for the Pharmaceutical Profession in Lebanon
The Director General of the Ministry of Public Health Dr. Walid Ammar held a long meeting with the President of the Lebanese Order of Pharmacists Dr. Georges Sili in the presence of a working group from the Ministry and a delegation from the Order of Pharmacists.

During the meeting, the projects developed by the Order of Pharmacists were outlined. These projects aim at improving the profession of pharmacists in order to provide the patients with the best pharmaceutical services. The most important projects were:
  • The proposal of the Lebanese Advanced Patient Profile for the implementation of the unified medical prescription through the internet
  • Pharmacovigilance project that consists of reporting any side effects of the medicine by the pharmacist through a specific program on the internet
  • The proposal of a mechanism to address the issue of medicine lack or shortage.
The meeting also discussed the possibility of collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health to implement these projects. It was agreed upon the formation of specialized committees from the Ministry and the Order of Pharmacists in order to develop a mechanism for the implementation of these projects.
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