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EPI Multi Year Plan of Action 2017-2022

Policies are important in organizational management and performance, but will only make a distinction if they are successfully implemented. Policies must be turned into actions and influence the practical, day-to-day operations of the system. For that, it is imperative to transform the national immunization policy into a multiyear plan (4 years plan), with priority activities identified and as well as a financial sustainability proposal.

In the last decades, the immunization program has helped in lowering child morbidity and mortality from vaccine preventable diseases (VPDs), has prevented the reemergence of polio in Lebanon, and has contributed in achieving Millennium Development Goals (MDG) 4 and 5. For that, the immunization remains one of the government's highest priority programs. A national immunization policy document was developed in 2017 and got endorsed through a stakeholder meeting; it highlighted the need for integrated equitable immunization services targeting mostly the poor and marginalized population. The comprehensive multi-year plan 2018-2021 entails a multitude of activities for the next three years aiming to achieve the immunization goals expressed by the Government national immunization policy document, all along taking into consideration the Global Immunization Vision and Strategy (GIVS). The objectives, strategies and activities set forth in the plan provide the framework required to meet the goal of reducing infant and child mortality by enhancing access of children to quality immunization services, introducing new vaccines, maintain previous achievements and strengthen routine immunization.

The current multi-year plan has been developed through an extensive discussion and participation of the national EPI, the NGOs network, scientific societies and partner agencies. The development of the plan derives from the main axes identified in the national immunization policy document and sets milestones, activities with timeline, indicators and the associated rough estimation of direct costs....
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