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COVID19 MoPH PASS For Incoming Passengers

New Procedures for All Incoming Passengers to Lebanon

Following the reopening of the airport on 1 July 2020, and in order to organize the entry of travelers, all the passengers wishing to travel to Lebanon should comply with the following procedures and circular No.142 of 14/9/2020 shall be amended as follows:
  • For All Passengers arriving to Lebanon:
  1. Undergo a PCR in one the laboratories accredited by the competent authorities in the countries from which they departed (except children under 12 years old) within a maximum of 96 hours before the date of issuance of the result until arriving to Lebanon and make sure the date and result of the test are uploaded to the electronic platform of the Ministry. Only passengers who show a negative PCR test are allowed to travel to Lebanon.
  1. Register on the electronic platform “COVID-19 MOPH PASS” of the Ministry of Public Health through the link: and verify accuracy of information before submission. Passengers who did not fill the application are not allowed to take the plane to Lebanon.
  • For Passengers Arriving from Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and all African countries:
All airlines shall collect 50 usd on every passenger wishing to travel to Lebanon, except children under 12 years old, UNIFIL, and members of diplomatic delegations acting in Lebanon, which is the cost of PCR test or other medical diagnostic measures that every passenger shall undergo upon arrival to BRHIA through labs authorized by the Lebanese ministry of public health at the airport.
The airlines will pay the collected amounts to the designated handling agents at BRHIA on bi-monthly i.e. every 15 days, then the handling agents will pay the laboratories, which performed the tests based on invoices stamped by the ministry of public health.
  1. All Lebanese and resident foreign passengers arriving from Iraq shall be home quarantined for a period of 72 hours from the date of arrival to Lebanon, during which they shall be subjected to another PCR test, at their own expense.
  1. All passengers arriving from Iraq except, Lebanese and resident foreigners, shall have a prepaid hotel booking for 72 hours in one of the following hotels listed by the Ministry of Tourism in Lebanon where rooms are booked at reasonable prices: Lancaster Hotels Group, Golden Tulip Hotels, Radisson Blu Martinez Hotel, Kanaan Group Hotel, and Radisson Blu Martinez Hotel. The hotel rooms should be booked and paid in advance for the entire period of quarantine. The passengers with no hotel reservation are not allowed to take the plane to Lebanon. Upon their arrival, they shall remain at the hotels for a period of 72 hours during which a second PCR test will be conducted for them. Passengers whom PCR test results were positive shall pay for their treatment cost at their own expense.
  1. All passengers arriving to Lebanon from Syria, Turkey, and all African countries, shall be home quarantined for a period of 48 hours from the date of their arrival to Lebanon until they are informed with the result of the PCR test conducted at BRHIA.
  • For passengers arriving from other countries:
All passengers arriving to Lebanon from other countries are allowed to choose between:
  1. Repeat the PCR test, conducted in the countries of departure, latest 72 hours after their arrival to Lebanon and at their own expense.
  1. Stay home or hotel quarantined for a period of 10 days from the date of their arrival to Lebanon.
  • COVID-19 tests are mandatory for all the passengers heading to Syria before travelling to Lebanon for transit. Passengers must show a negative PCR test.
  • An insurance coverage for COVID-19 is mandatory for the non-Lebanese passengers arriving from all the countries for the entire period of their stay in Lebanon (the treatment and accommodation fees).
  • The relevant laboratories shall enter the positive and negative PCR results for all the incoming passengers and upload an electronic copy of the positive results only to the electronic platform within 48 hours from the date of arrival so as to inform all the passengers of the PCR result via sms message. The positive results shall be duly reported to the Ministry of Public Health.
  • Upon receiving their positive result, the infected person should immediately contact the Ministry of Public Health on: 01-594459 in the event that the Ministry’s team did not call them. 


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