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Accreditation Results 2006

Fourth Hospitals Accreditation Results (December 2006)
Category One: A&B Category Two:C Category Three:D
Haykal Beirut General Hospital  Al Assi
Nini Beit Chabab Baaklin
Notre Dame de Secours  Bissar Saint Georges Hadath
Sahel General  Chtaura  
Saint Charles  Clinic du Levant   
Saint Therese Doctor's Hospital Al Manara  
Saydet Zgharta Farhat Jib Janine  
St. Joseph Fouad Khoury  
Al Salame- Hopital de la Paix Geitawi  
Dar Al-Amal Hayek  
Saint Georges-Ajaltoun Hiram  
St. Louis Iklim Health Foundation  

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