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Support to Integrated Service Provision at the Local Level in Coordination with UNDP

Approach to a Complete Local Health Integrated Social System in Coordination with UNDP
  I- Introduction:    
On the 16th February 2015, the Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Education and Higher Education, and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of Interior in collaboration with UNDP launched the first workshop for the program ‘’Support to Local Services’ Providers to Cope with Lebanese Communities’ Needs’’ in Coral Beach Resort, Beirut. The program which is planned for a period of two years, aims at establishing a comprehensive territorial integrated plan to strengthen the local social and health care services at each territory and increasing health awareness and health care education in public schools.  The workshop will be implemented as a start in 10 territories and 8 municipalities of Wadi Khaled, with extension to other territories on the long run.

Within the framework of the program implementation, the 2-day workshop was launched in Beirut and extended to each of the 5 governorates of Lebanon. These workshop sessions were held with the presence of representatives of the 4 Ministries and UNDP, including the department of Family Medicine at the American University of Beirut and Tuscany Region to ensure the provision of technical assistance and sharing of best practices for innovative health and education services’ delivery. These workshops aimed at strengthening the capacities of the local municipalities, primary health care centers and public schools of each governorate in planning and communicating the integrated health plan for public service delivery.
II- Workshops:
During May 2015, a meeting was held to follow up and move forward in the implementation phase within the program framework of the ‘’Support to Integrated Service Provision at the Local Level’’.
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