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Lebanon National Drugs Database

This section represents the official information about the pharmaceutical products registered & marketed at the Ministry of Public Health
You can search in the form below for information related to drugs including Subsidy percentage

Drugs code ending with "/945" are subject to the Resolution 945/1 date 3/10/2022
ATC Name B/G ↓ Ingredients Dosage Form Price
A06AB02 SUPPOLAX G Bisacodyl - 10mg 10mg Suppository 558,407 L.L
A10BD15 DIVINUSMET XR G Dapagliflozin - 5mg, Metformin HCl XR - 1000mg Tablet, extended release 2,900,012 L.L
B05BB02 DEXTROSE 2.5% SODIUM CHLORIDE 0.45% INJECTION, USP G Sodium chloride - 0.45%, Glucose - 2.5% Injectable solution 148,566 L.L
C01CA26 EPHEDRINE RENAUDIN G Ephedrine HCl - 30mg/ml 3% Injectable solution 693,423 L.L
C09AA01 APO-CAPTO G Captopril - 50mg 50mg Tablet, scored 1,752,371 L.L
C10AA01 STAVINE G Simvastatin - 10mg 10mg Tablet 207,336 L.L
D06BB03 CYCLOVEX G Aciclovir - 50mg/g 50mg/g Cream 267,489 L.L
J01CA04 AMOXYCILLIN G Amoxicillin (trihydrate) - 500mg 500mg Capsule 4,073,187 L.L
J01FA09 CLARIDAR DAR AL DAWA G Clarithromycin - 125mg/5ml 125mg/5ml Suspension 295,645 L.L
J05AG01 NEPINE G Nevirapine - 200mg 200mg Tablet 5,921,678 L.L
L01CD02 DOCETAXEL EBEWE G Docetaxel - 20mg/2ml 20mg/2ml Injectable solution 5,313,553 L.L
L01XA03 OXITAN G Oxaliplatin - 50mg/10ml 50mg/10ml Injectable solution 2,759,984 L.L
L04AX04 LENALIDOMIDE OHRE PHARMA G Lenalidomide - 5mg 5mg Capsule 912,967 L.L
N02BE51 DIFEN GESIC G Paracetamol - 400mg, Diclofenac potassium - 50mg Tablet, film coated 330,585 L.L
N05AH03 OLANZAPINE ARROW G Olanzapine - 10mg 10mg Tablet 822,432 L.L
N06DA02 DONECEPT 5 G Donepezil HCl - 5mg 5mg Tablet, film coated 1,970,969 L.L
R03DC03 MONTELUKAST-SANDOZ G Montelukast (sodium) - 5mg 5mg Tablet, chewable 1,105,646 L.L
S01EE01 MONOPROST G Latanoprost - 50mcg/ml 50mcg/ml Drops solution 1,187,957 L.L
L01EA01 GLIMATINIB BENTA G Imatinib (mesylate) - 100mg 100mg Tablet, film coated 43,103,200 L.L
A06AB05 HUILE DE RICIN G Castor oil - Liquid 119,026 L.L
A10BD15 ZYGLOMET XR 5/1000 G Dapagliflozin - 5mg, Metformin HCl XR - 1000mg Tablet, film coated 2,578,386 L.L
B05BB02 LO-SODIUM WITHOUT POTASSIUM INJECTION G Sodium dihydrogenophosphate - 0.137g/100ml, Sodium lactate (anhydre) - 0.223g/100ml, Sodium chloride - 0.0585g/100ml, Dextrose monohydrate - 5g/100ml Injectable solution 166,708 L.L
C01CA26 EPHEDRINE AGUETTANT G Ephedrine HCl - 30mg/10ml 30mg/10ml Injectable solution 920,532 L.L
C09AA01 CAPTACE G Captopril - 50mg 50mg Tablet, scored 652,724 L.L
C10AA01 VASCOR G Simvastatin - 10mg 10mg Tablet, scored 284,127 L.L
J01CA04 MOXILEN G Amoxicillin (trihydrate) - 500mg 500mg Capsule 3,717,068 L.L
J05AG03 STOVIRENZ G Efavirenz - 600mg 600mg Tablet, film coated 6,857,456 L.L
L01CD02 DOCETAXEL GP PHARM G Docetaxel - 40mg/ml 20mg/0.5ml Injectable concentrated solution+diluent 4,567,721 L.L
L04AX04 LENALIDOMIDE SPC G Lenalidomide - 5mg 5mg Capsule, hard 1,206,795 L.L
M03BX01 BACLOCALM G Baclofen - 25mg 25mg Tablet 928,595 L.L
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