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Lebanon National Drugs Database

This section represents the official information about the pharmaceutical products registered & marketed at the Ministry of Public Health
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ATC Name B/G Ingredients Dosage Form Price
D10BA01 A-CNOTREN G Isotretinoin - 20mg 20mg Capsule, soft gelatin 536,133 L.L
D10AD01 A-RET G Tretinoin - 0.05% 0.05% Cream 135,135 L.L
N02BE51 A.B.C.-COLD G Paracetamol - 500mg, Chlorphenamine maleate - 4mg, Phenylephrine HCl - 5mg Tablet, film coated 73,567 L.L
B01AC06 A.S HEART G Acetylsalicylic acid - 81mg 81mg Tablet, enteric coated 20,416 L.L
N02BA01 A.S.L. PANPHARMA 900MG INJ. G Acetylsalicylic acid (Lysine) - 900mg 900mg Injectable powder for solution+diluent 445,933 L.L
B05BB01 AAREL G Sodium lactate - 0.320g/100ml, Sodium chloride - 0.600g/100ml, Potassium chloride - 0.040g/100ml, Calcium chloride - 0.027g/100ml Injectable solution 62,291 L.L
N05AX12 ABILIFY MAINTENA B Aripiprazole - 400mg 400mg Injectable powder for suspension, prolonged release+solvent 453,467 L.L
N05AX12 ABIPREX 10 G Aripiprazole - 10mg 10mg Tablet 819,227 L.L
N05AX12 ABIPREX 15 G Aripiprazole - 15mg 15mg Tablet 835,472 L.L
L01CD01 ABRAXANE BioTech Paclitaxel Albumin- bound - 5mg/ml 100mg/20ml Injectable powder for suspension 593,045 L.L
L02BX03 ABREMIA G Abiraterone acetate - 250mg 250mg Tablet 2,195,971 L.L
N01AH01 ABSTRAL G Fentanyl (citrate) - 200mcg 200mcg Tablet 624,770 L.L
N01AH01 ABSTRAL G Fentanyl (citrate) - 100mcg 100mcg Tablet 624,770 L.L
N07BB03 ACAMPROSATE BIOGARAN G Acamprosate - 333mg 333mg Tablet, gastroresistant 552,574 L.L
R05CB01 ACC LONG G N-acetylcysteine - 600mg, Vitamin C - 75mg 600mg Tablet, effervescent 115,135 L.L
M01AB16 ACECLOFAR G Aceclofenac - 100mg 100mg Tablet 52,973 L.L
M01AH07 ACELEX B Polmacoxib - 2mg 2mg Capsule 1,046,074 L.L
B03BB01 ACFOL G Folic acid - 5mg 5mg Tablet 48,927 L.L
J05AB01 ACICLOVIR G.E.S. G Aciclovir (sodium) - 250mg 250mg Injectable powder for solution 1,218,424 L.L
M05BB03 ACIDE ALENDRONIQUE/ VITAMINE D3 BGR G Alendronic acid - 70mg, Colecalciferol - 5600UI Tablet 186,570 L.L
M05BA08 ACLASTA B Zoledronic acid (monohydrate) - 5mg/100ml 5mg/100ml Injectable solution 574,254 L.L
L04AC07 ACTEMRA BioTech Tocilizumab - 80mg/4ml 80mg/4ml Injectable concentrated solution 228,745 L.L
L04AC07 ACTEMRA BioTech Tocilizumab - 162mg/0.9ml 162mg/0.9ml Injectable solution 1,624,411 L.L
L04AC07 ACTEMRA BioTech Tocilizumab - 200mg/10ml 200mg/10ml Injectable concentrated solution 599,882 L.L
L04AC07 ACTEMRA BioTech Tocilizumab - 400mg/20ml 400mg/20ml Injectable concentrated solution 1,199,765 L.L
J05AB01 ACTI-VIR G Aciclovir - 200mg 200mg Tablet, scored 199,445 L.L
D06BB53 ACTI-VIR H G Aciclovir - 5%, Hydrocortisone acetate - 1% Cream 114,574 L.L
A03E ACTICARBINE G Activated charcoal - 70mg, Papaverine HCl - 14mg Tablet, coated 125,405 L.L
B01AD02 ACTILYSE BioTech Alteplase - 50mg 50mg Injectable dry powder for solution+diluent 1,473,262 L.L
R05X ACTISOUFRE B Sulfure de Sodium - 13mg, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae - 500mg Solution 297,838 L.L
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