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Reproductive Health Services

Reproductive Health Services
The Primary Health care Department at the Ministry of Public Health in collaboration with UNFPA provides health care services related to reproductive health through its National Network of Primary Health Care (PHC) centers across Lebanon. The health care services included under Reproductive Health activities are the following:
1. Family Planning Methods
2. Safe Motherhood
3. Diagnostic & Preventive Check-ups
4. Screening for Reproductive Health tract cancers 

I. Antenatal & Postnatal Care Services
The Reproductive Health program offered by the Primary Health Care Department at the Ministry of Public Health offers Antenatal and Postnatal Healthcare services for pregnant Lebanese and Non-Lebanese women across Lebanon. These services were initiated by the formulation of ‘’Service Delivery Guidelines’’, which was followed by consecutive training for staff of Primary Health Care (PHC) centers across Lebanon on implementation. These guidelines have been recently updated and an endorsement meeting will be held to gain consensus for updated guidelines, which will then be followed by trainings of health care providers from PHC centers across Lebanon.  
The antenatal and postnatal services offered by the PHC centers to its beneficiaries consist of the following; all pregnant women are qualified to
1. 4 visits during pregnancy
2. 2 Ecography during pregnancy 
3. 1 postnatal visit
4. Coverage of vaccination for the newborn infants of followed up mothers (according to the National Vaccination Calendar)
5. Provision of Reproductive Health drugs and supplies to all PHC centers, in addition to 64 Reproductive Health dispensaries supported by International NGOs to serve the displaced Syrians.

II. Mother and Child Health Care Initiative:
"Mother and Child Health Care" Intiative, in collaboration with WHO, Makassed Philanthropic Organization, European union, and UNHCR, aims at providing quality PHC services to Lebanese mothers and chdilren in Beirut, Bekaa, and the North. These services include antenatal and delivery sevices , child healthcare and vaccination for up to 2 years of age, and the establishment of a referral system between the PHC centers and its nearby governmental hospitals. Since its launching in September 2014, a total of 913 services were provided for mothers and children in these areas (Table 1). This initiatve comes after the success of the Ministry's health care initiative for preganant women, which was implemented in 2004 in collaboration with Makessed Philanthropic Organization.

Table 1. Number of services provided by the Mother and Child Health Care Initiative
Health Service Child Health Care Antenatal Care Delivery Care Total Services Combined
  111 379 423 913

III. Launching of "Updated Clinical Guidelines for Reproductive Health Practices"
The Ministry of Public health with the collaboration United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and Lebanese Society for Obstetrics and Gynecologists (LSOG) launched the ‘’Updated clinical guidelines for reproductive health practices’’. The launching included an opening word from LSOG president Dr. Wadih Ghanmi, and Mrs Asma Kordahi from UNFPA and Director General of MoPH Dr. Walid Ammar, with a final presentation of the components of the clinical guidelines with explained by Dr. Faisal ElKak. These guidelines aim at improving the knowledge and practices of healthcare providers to ensure that the best service is presented for men, women and youth of Lebanon. 
IV. Service Delivery Guidelines in Reporoductive Health:
MoPH with the support of UNFPA in cooperation with the Lebanese Society of Obstetrics & Gynecology (LSOG) launched "The amended version of the clinical guidelines for reproductive health services", which aimed at improving teh knowledge and skills of service providers in order to ensure the provision of services that meet women's, men's and youth's needs in Lebanon. Accordingly, the first phase of training took place from July to September, with 275 physicians and health care workers, including: 160 paramedical specialties, 88 mecial and 27 humanitarian actors.
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