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Accreditation of Primary Health Care Centers in Lebanon

I. Introduction:
In order to strengthen the growth of the health sector in general and the governmental sector in particular along with enforcing the role of governmental hospitals to be able to compete with other health care institutions, improving the quality of health care services provided by Primary Health Care (PHC) centers across Lebanon has become a priority to the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health (MoPH).
For this reason, MoPH in collaboration with Accreditation Canada implemented the Accreditation program on PHC centers chosen from across Lebanon. This program started during 2008 with Phase 1 of implementation reaching Phase 5 of implementation planned for 2016.

II. Accreditation Phases:
The Accreditation program was implemented over a four-phase process, with the fifth phase underway for 2016. 

Diagram 1. Phases of Primary Health Care Accreditation Process in Lebanon

The Acrreditation Process also includes standards for Accreditation. 
Self-assessment Standards by Accreditation Canada
III. Phase 4 Accreditation Activities:
During 2015, several trainigns have been held for representatives from PHC centers in the Accreditation process of Phase 4, which was launched in March. The 2-day training ‘’Introduction to the Primary Care Accreditation Process for Lebanon’’ covered the following topics: definition and description of quality, quality improvement tools, primary care standards of accreditation, and performance measurement. In May, a 6-day training workshop was held for Directors and Accreditation coordinators from the different involved PHC centers from across Lebanon.

Since initiation of the program, 78 PHC centers across Lebanon were surveyed by a team from Accreditation Canada and MoPH, 10 of which underwent Actual surveying during the team's visit in 2015. 

Figure 1. Number of PHC Centers Surveyed (2009-2015)
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